Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freedom to Marry Will Lead to Sharia Law?

And the desperate search for traction in denying the freedom to marry continues. Elizabeth V. Krug wrote a letter responding to Kate Heartfield, trying to convince us that having the freedom to marry will lead to Sharia law.

The legal wrangling over the polygamy practised by a fundamentalist Mormon community in Bountiful, B.C., is obscuring the core issues here. What harm do the polygamy laws prevent? The harm of wiping out the hard-fought battle of Canadian women for gender equality. There is no equality in a polygamous marriage and, therefore, no freedom.

This is a broad generalization based on her perceptions of one community. There are monogamous marriages where there isn't gender equality. Would a polygamous marriage beteween two men and two women not be equal? If women freely enter into a marriage and can freely leave a marriage, what is the problem?

If Canadian polygamy laws are struck down, it would be a victory for the proponents of Sharia law in Canada.

And if everyone decides to stop eating pork, it would be a victory for proponents of kosher diets. So what? Sharia law is also against stealing, so having laws against theft is a victory for the proponents of Sharia law in Canada, too.

Islamist and Mormon polygyny are practised in autocracies rather than democracies, and use religion as an expedient for male political power over women, as well as over non-Alpha males.

Canada is a democracy. Bountiful is part of Canada.
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  1. sharia law is similar to blasphemy laws.


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