Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nebraska Charges Mother With Incest

It’s a little difficult to know for sure what is really going on in this case out of Nebraska. After her husband was arrested on an incest charge, Teresa Holloway was recently charged with incest. They were accused by their adult daughter.

She alleged that she had a sexual relationship with her father and mother beginning when she was 14, police said. She further stated that the relationship continued through her adult years.

If what she says is true, they should be prosecuted for child rape, child molestation, statutory rape, or whatever law would apply. The incest charge is superfluous.

Dennis Holloway maintained that it did not take place until the victim was 18. Incest is a class-three felony and could land the Holloways in jail for 20 years.

If he is telling the truth, this should not be a crime unless there was force or coercion. Of course, people who prey on minors are often liars in addition to being the scum of the earth. But if he is telling the truth, this could be a daughter who is angry with her parents for other reasons.

The larger issue is this. Rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, and molestation laws are what are needed to protect adults and children. There shouldn’t be a law that criminalizes consensual sex involving adults, even if they are closely related.
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