Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Women and Children First!

Ever notice how the antiequality people, who are against the freedom to marry more than one person, think women are weak? They also reveal how weak they think women are when they say that we can't have the freedom to same-sex marriage because marriage is about men protecting women. Yet some of these same types say that if a man marries more than one woman, or a woman marries more than one man, the woman or women will be doomed. How does that work?

Sometimes, they also say that children are doomed if their mother has "sister wives" or a wife.

Hans Sanders, Rockland wrote a letter to the Ottawa Citizen...

It is concern for their offsprings and the women involved that mandates a law against polygamy.

Shouldn't we let parents determine what it best for their children unless they prove to be unfit parents?

A man with 20 wives is incapable of looking after these wives and they, thus, become uneducated wards of the state -- which affects me and others in our pocketbooks.

How many men are, or ever will be, married to 20 wives? Let's be realistic. This freedom to marry is almost always about three, four, five or some people being married. We don't make it illegal for a man to have children with 20 women. Why should it be illegal for him to be married to all of them? If a child's parents are legally married, that child is less likely to be a ward of the state, and it is easier to the parents accountable.

People need to face the fact that there is no more reason to deny the freedom to marry more than one person than there is to deny the freedom to marry someone of the same sex. Prejudice and fear of "others" is what is at work here.
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  1. polyamory is not the problem, overpopulation is the problem.


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