Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nonmonogamy on Yahoo Answers

There were a couple of discussions I noticed on Yahoo Answers relating to nonmonogamy.

Celes asked

If I wanted to have a polygamous marriage, should I have it with bisexual men?

Depends on how much fun she wants it to be! Seriously, if a woman wants a polyandrous situation, she has to ask herself if she’d prefer that sexual encounters or bed-sharing would be stricltly one-on-one or at least sometimes as a “threesome.” Would the want the social structure of the relationship to be a triangle or a “V,” assuming she would only need two husbands.

Since I KNOW there isn't a straight man on earth who would be comfortable sharing a bed with me and several other men let alone sharing just little old ME.

Actually, there are men who identify as straight who would be comfortable. I don’t think a majority of straight men would, but there are some.

Bisexual guys seems like the best option, doesn't it?

That is up to personal needs.

The husband I have now (and forever, despite what some of you might think, I really do LOVE him) is interested in 'experimenting' but is too afraid to go through with it.

She updated her question to indicate that her husband is most definitely straight, in response to someone asking her why she married a gay man.

Her own words: interested in 'experimenting'. That isn’t quite a desire for polyandry, although it could lead to that. It soulds like her husband is interested in at least seeing another man or other men with his wife. That could be done in any number of contexts, ranging from picking up someone in a bar to an ongoing polyamorous relationship.

BTW, for ya'll who find it so 'disgusting'....good news! I never asked any of you join in on the party, so nyyyyahh!!! :P

She told them! There were a few allies.

Tam Writer…

Um... sure, why not?? I mean, that way, you can all enjoy each other.... :S.... XD

Creation Crusher 5000…

Do whatever you want. It neither picks my pocket, nor breaks my leg.

*ajidamoon* the Eh team…

In my polyandrous marriage, I do not plan on having group sex, but rather a different man for every night of the week. Its not fair that women peak near twenty years after I feel I need several men for compensation and to be able to keep up with me. Thus negating the need to only marry bi-sexual males. Of course, I might throw a few more wives in for variety as well.

Come on up to Canada....polygamy/polyandry will be legal by 11's end.

May it be so!


All I have to say on this subject is thank God for penicillin, to be fair to this weired Polyandryist he has not included farm animals in his experiment (give it time now I have planted the seed, in a manner of speaking).

Is David unaware that if a group of people who have no communicable disease have sex, none of them will get a communicable disease as a result?


Why don't you just be a prostitute. You get paid that way.

What kind of an answer is that? A bigoted one.

C V…

It is possible for polygamous marriages to be strong and successful, but I don't think we have the right mentality for it in modern society.

I don’t think we’ve ever been closer to having the right mentality. Much of that is because of gender equality.

Scarlet MacBlu…

While some bisexuals can be polyamorous (just as some straight or homosexual people) not all bisexuals are interested in sharing or being shared. The assumption you also seem to be making here is that your lovers/husbands would be actually interested in each other... there is no gurentee of that.

This is all true. That is why everyone needs to be on the same page.

And now for one of the answers that received low ratings, thankfully. That gives me hope.


sorry but that's disgusting

I’m sure there are things Pontiff does that some people find disgusting. For example, I find bigotry disgusting.

Experiencing something like this is one thing but to actually want to live such a life means you have no morales whatsoever.

How would Pontiff know if she has no Morales? She may be thinking of including Morales as the secondary.

On to the second question.

Gum drop…

Are you for or against polygamy?

Sherif Fahmy…

Against. It is inherently misogynist.

I assume that person is thinking only of polygyny, but I think the person is confusing some of the other practices of some societies with the freedom to polygyny. With gender equality and the freedom to divorce, polygyny is entirely voluntary for all involved.

Carl L…

Neither as long as all involved consent to such a relationship, but personally I wouldn't be interested in it.

Thanks, ally! So many of the other answers were typical anti-equality bigotry and myths.
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  1. prostitution is bad and its just sex enslavement


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