Thursday, December 2, 2010

Now is the Time

Time magazine has an article about the Canadian poly trial that focuses only the FLDS’ practice of polygyny.

Some Mormon groups and civil libertarians claim that the law is unconstitutional because it violates rights to freedom of religion.

It violates the fundamental right to marry.

Craig Jones, a lawyer for the province, noted that if the law were overturned, Canada would be come the only western country to sanction polygamy.

Progress has to happen somewhere first.

Much is made of the FLDS subculture. If that truly is problematic, then deal with that. Don’t deny this freedom to marry to everyone else based on the actions of a few. There are many, many more poly people than the ones found within the FLDS.

Lawyers for the community say that if polygamy were legalized, the members of the sect would not have to be so cut off from the rest of society. "The criminalization of polygamy drives its participants to separate themselves from mainstream society," says Robert Wickett, who represents the FLDS. "Members will testify that they do not want to live as pariahs, separate and apart from society."

Bring polygamy out of the shadows and support the right to marriage.
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  1. time magazine must be aware of the truths about polyamorous marriages.


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