Saturday, December 18, 2010

How Do I Know if This Movie Depicts Polyamory?

From comes this about new movie "How Do You Know"...

In Matty, one finds How Do You Know’s most compelling feature. As a successful professional athlete, he is polyamorous by nature — it’s the only life he’s known. But he’s no scheming womanizer a la Tiger Woods. An accidental — and exceedingly polite — narcissist, beautiful women flock to him, offering sex without strings, and he graciously welcomes their company. In Lisa, he’s found someone with whom he genuinely wants to settle down, but he can’t seem to figure out how to square it with is existing values system. Love, the monogamous variety, is a legitimately alien notion to him.

Hmm. I need more clarification. Doesn't sound like the character is practicing polyfidelity. Rather's he's simply dating around. Am I wrong?

Also, some people do move from polyamory to monogamy, just as some people move from monogamy or polyamory, but I'm wary of anything that smacks of the idea that anyone would only be polyamorous because he or she simply hasn't "settled down" or found the right partner with whom to be monogamous, or has no discipline.

I don't plan on seeing the movie any time soon. Maybe a polyblogger will and can clarify if the movie is depicting polyamory, and how it is treated?
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  1. its like conversion therapy to convert polyamorus people or asexual people to be monogamous but they’re not. stand up to the media industry to stop mononormativty.


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