Monday, June 10, 2013

Update on Call for GSA Experienced

I previously pointed out a casting call for those who have experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction. I have communicated with someone involved in the project. Here's some more information...

In reading about GSA I was very moved by the experiences of people on the forums yet incredibly disappointed that so many of them felt isolated from their friends, family and society in general. It's awful that something as common as GSA is so stigmatised and taboo that people feel they have no platform through which to explore their situations. I’ve been a documentary maker for the last decade and over the last year or so I've developed a strong desire to explore this topic on film.

I am aware that the media often sensationalises GSA as a subject and understand that people may be reluctant to share their stories at risk of being exploited. We are in the very early stages of developing the project and would really like to talk to anyone who has experience or insight into GSA to ensure we approach the topic in a way that respects and remains sensitive to people's feelings and privacy.
In a subsequent message…
I am happy for you to share my contact details with anyone in the community - though we have also set up a specific email address for this project - so feel free to pass that on.
For anyone interested in being involved in the project though, I am more than happy to be completely transparent about who we are and what our motives behind making the film are.

I would love to chat to anyone who has experience with GSA, directly or indirectly and would be extremely grateful if you knew of anyone you thought might be appropriate.

So, there you go. If you have experience with GSA, and if you are willing to send an email to possibly give input to this project, have it at.

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