Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Familiar Tale

Someone has posted an interesting entry (the only one, from what I saw when I checked) on a blogspot. Johnny wrote this definitely Not Safe For Work entry...
This is a short story of a consensual sibling love affair between a guy named Johnny and his older sister, Shannon.  Yeah, I'm Johnny.
So Shannon and I grew up as 100% blood siblings in a normal, healthy family.  A Dad, a Mom, 2 kids, a cat,  a tortoise, and 2 dogs.  Nice neighborhood.
We were happy teenagers back in the 1970's.  Shannon was 2 years older than me, and she was a "beautiful female specimen".  Yeah, I obviously grew up watching "Star Trek" on prime time TV in the late 60's, and after that I watched the reruns of "Star Trek" over and over again in the 1970's.

The entry gets steamy and detailed as they did much together without actually having oral sex or intercourse. Then it wraps up...
We continued our romantic relationship until after Shannon finished college, and moved out at age 23.  She found a really nice boyfriend, and married him a year later.  I missed Shannon terribly, but was happy that she had met a genuinely nice guy.  Later I married a wonderful lady, and my wife and I lost our virginity together on our wedding night.
But I still look back fondly on all of the fun adventures that I shared with Shannon.
Not a day has passed since I first kissed Shannon's sweet lips that she wasn't on my mind.  Even to this day, decades later, when I'm happily married with 2 kids.  There are no regrets whatsoever.  None.  Zero. Shannon has recently told me that she feels exactly the same way.
Have either of us done anything or suggested doing anything with each other since Shannon moved out? No.
Whether Johnny is writing something that is actually autobiographical or is just a fantasy, there are many siblings who can identify with what was written. If Johnny and Shannon had wanted to stay together, they should have been free to be together openly, and to marry, if that is what they wanted.
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