Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SCOTUS Gives Victories on Marriage

The Supreme Court of the United States has given victories on marriage, although just about the weakest possible. They issued decisions on the federal DOMA, which denied equal treatment to same-gender marriages under federal law, and California's Proposition 8 (Prop H8). DOMA is dead! In the PropH8 case, they decided those defending the discrimination didn't have standing to defend it.

The basic gist is that progress was made, but the Court did not recognize that there is a right for an adult to marry any and all consenting adults, or even that a gay or lesbian person has a right to the limited same-gender freedom to marry.

So, congratulations to all who will now have their marriage treated equally under federal law & to Californians who will again have the  freedom to marry the person they love. But we must remember there are still many people in many states who are denied their right to marry the person or persons they love.

We will keep fighting to make sure all adults have relationship rights, including full marriage equality, sooner rather than later.
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  1. Its an interesting ruling - Lets see what happens now in terms of judicial jurisdiction of the original CA ruling & how long it will be before poly or adult consensual incest cases appear in court by virtue of the same reasoning established by this technicality about the justification of standing.

    There's no over-riding reason SCOTUS couldn't have deliberated on the civil rights issues involved instead of punting & calls into question the entire system of justice if states like TX continue to deny gay marriage rights due its federal judges alternate rulings on what are clearly civil rights issues.


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