Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Casting Call For Polyandrous Woman

An ad was placed at
Casting Call Information
City: Any City
State: National
Casting for women who live a polyandrous lifestyle. Seeking only those in serious relationships or with families. Preferably those who can recognize and comment on the social, economic, and political influence of they're lifestyle.
I am thinking of a few women who might be good for this.

I am cautiously optimistic that someone is going to put together a good documentary or series featuring polyandrous families. Polyandry needs to be depicted more, with honesty. People need to know it is an option and that there are people living in such relationships. On the other hand, even "reality" shows are edited for the sake of getting audience attention. This could be good, or it could be bad. If the producers think it is to their benefit, they may portray polyandry in general in a negative light or any given person in the show in a negative light. Also, this form of fame can bring many challenges and complications.

If the producers handle things well, this could be a very good thing for polyamorous people and relationship rights in general, including full marriage equality.
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  1. I was in a polyandrous relationship where my secondary (male)lived with my husband and I as well as a different polyandrous relationship where my secondary male lived in his own home.

    Alas, since moving back to my home state I have not ventured back into the ployandrous lovestyle.


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