Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Australian Producer Seeking GSA-Experienced

I found this ad at a website that appears to be one for all sorts of ads...
Wanted: Looking for people who have experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction

Camperdown NSW 2050
Date Listed:
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Looking for people who have experienced GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction)

A Sydney production company is researching GSA for a documentary aimed at raising awareness and removing the stigma around GSA. They would love to hear from you if you have had any experience with GSA or know someone who has. Full privacy and anonymity is guaranteed if required. Financial compensation will be considered depending on the participants level of involvement with the project.

Please contact:
My immediate question is, why didn't the production company identify themselves? Is that against the rules of the site where the ad appeared? Even if this "production company" turns out to be just one person, wouldn't a serious producer at least have a Facebook page?

Anyway, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt in that respect, for the sake of moving on...

I would very much like to see a good production that deals with Genetic Sexual Attraction honestly and in a positive way. Although the ad gives the impression that is their plan and promises privacy an anonymity, I always caution anyone who responds to ads or solicitations like this to be very careful. Media productions are often edited for an agenda that might not be supportive or ethical. If the producers think it is to their benefit, they may portray GSA in general in a negative light or any given person or relationships in a negative light. Also, the kind of attention one might garner from being involved can bring many challenges and complications, especially since consanguinamory is still illegal in Australia.

If the producers handle things well, this could be a very good thing for people who are experiencing or have experienced GSA and for relationship rights in general, including full marriage equality.

Here's an update.
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