Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Opportunity For a Brave Father and Son

Here's a quick roundup of how pop culture was looking at incestuous themes this week.

The mother-daughter video performer team I blogged about a while back is back in the news again. They want a father-son team to join them. Here's the article from that is at

The Sexxxton
Jessica Sexxxton, 56, and her daughter, Monica, 22, have been shooting sex scenes together for the last 18 months for their own self-titled website, sometimes sharing the same partner, but not at the same time and never with each other -- a technicality that keeps their films from being legally considered incest.

Now the Tampa, Fla.-based twosome are hoping to take their unorthodox relationship to the next level, with a nationwide search for a real father and son willing to shoot a porn film scene with them.

"It's something we've considered for a while," Jessica Sexxxton told The Huffington Post. "We once dated brothers in real life on and off for a couple of years. They were closer to [Monica's] age, but we haven't done a father and son in real life or on camera."
This was also covered at and Of course some of the people covering this call it disgusting, but they've chosen to focus on it and write about it anyway. Hmm. I wonder how much "research" they are doing on these women and their videos?

As my readers know, I don't think there should be any laws restriction what this mother and daughter do with each other on or off-camera, and same goes for any male performers they may work with. They are consenting adults, after all.

And Liana Maeby was back with her weekly roundup of "incest" in entertainment. Here's the previous update on her list. This time, in addition to this latest news from the Sexxxtons, she covers Arrested Development (cousins) and John Ford's play, 'Tis Pity She's a Whore. She even brings up the silly "casting incest" I wrote about before when it comes to The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent.

Consanguinamory is a very popular theme in erotica, and has always been a theme in literature, theatre, and mythology because it has always been a part of life. I wonder what we'd find in the love lives of people who make a point of badmouthing the love lives of other consenting adults (fictional or real)? That someone who isn't involved thinks that consenting adults are doing something disgusting with each other should have no power to stop those consenting adults from enjoying each other and loving each other.
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