Monday, June 3, 2013

Into My Arms is a Novel With GSA

Good Gabble Reviews has a new review of a novel of interest to this blog. I recommend Good Gabble in general, but this is especially of interest. The novel is Into my Arms by Kylie Ladd, and it is a love story that involves Genetic Sexual Attraction. The reviewer has personal experience with GSA.
Kylie shows compassion for the topic. Until one actually experiences the immense emotions and push and pull GSA creates, one can not fully understand it, but within Into My Arms Kylie Ladd has given the reader a deeper understanding of the intensity involved. Her characters correctly display the push pull and immense need. I did feel the story played down the turmoil GSA causes within the extended family unit but will acknowledge that this is different in all situations depending on the family dynamics.

Into My Arms is more than GSA. It is a story of love, passion, family, unity, need and conflict.
There is much more to the review, but what's the ultimate verdict?
Definitely on my ‘Go on, give it a read’ list. 

Available from

ISBN: 978-1-74331458-6

There are going to be more novels and memoirs with Genetic Sexual Attraction as one of the elements. Publishers and others in media, including filmmakers, should not avoid this reality. GSA is likely to increase in the coming years due to realities of today's world, and there are some fascinating, powerful stories to be told, with everything from intense, beautiful passion to struggle, persecution, and courtroom drama. Even a thought-provoking romantic comedy, if it handles the situation well, can break barriers.

Statistically, it is almost a certainty that people in positions of power at major publishing houses and Hollywood studios have personal experience with GSA. Wouldn't it be great to help clear away the ignorance and stigma surrounding the topic?
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