Monday, June 24, 2013

Season Finale for VH1 Marriage Series

at tells us what is coming up tomorrow on I’m Married To A…
Live-in couple Ali and Lorne use their home of San Francisco as a playground for “second base parties,” which is likely not something you took part in back in your Little League days. “I just have an insatiable appetite for sex,” Ali explains. “So I like to date like three guys at a time because then no one person is exhausted.” And everyone is okay with that?
It's not for everyone, but it is for some.
On the season finale of I’m Married To A…, we meet a polyamorous couple, who explain how they step outside their relationship to meet their physical needs, ultimately allowing themselves to fall in love with multiple people to capitalize on the “abundance” of emotion they have to spare. To practice this lifestyle, honesty is the best policy, and making sure you define certain feelings and specific “bases” in the same way is extremely important. 
Television producers like to focus on the sex, but for most people in a polyamorous or an open relationship (and no, those are not synonyms) there's a lot more to it than having sex with other people. Sometimes, it is a matter of personalities or shared interests.

It is good to see a series showing that not all marriages or relationships have to look the same.

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