Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brothers on Film

PLEASE NOTE THAT EXTERNAL LINKS MAY BE NSFW. Manuel Hung wrote at wrote about "brothers doing their own brothers" and "Gay porn’s longtime obsession with its (mostly) identical stars." He starts off with news about the Peters twins.
In May, Slovakia-based gay porn studio Bel Ami announced the retirement of two of its biggest and money-lucrative stars, identical twins Elijah and Milo Peters. Shortly after their 2009 Bel Ami debut, these blond, buff Czech brothers, who had appeared together in group-sex scenes getting busy separately, began having full-on sex with each other, first in Taboo (2010), their twincestuous debut, and most recently in the condom-free Doing It Together (2011).

I wonder what their off-screen relationship is like these days?

The article, with explicit language and puns (you are fairly warned), goes on to list many brothers and the videos in which they appeared together, including some amateurs who do have an off-screen consanguinamorous relationship.

Gay "twincest" and fraternal sex in general is obviously popular in gay erotica, but this should not be surprising because lesbian and heterosexual consanguineous sex are very popular in erotica and adult media. Why? Because a lot of people have fantasized about or considered being involved in such situations, even as an unrelated third person, and many people have been involved. There's a lack of portrayals of this in media in general, and so makers of adult entertainment have filled that opening... no pun intended.
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