Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The I Word Used For Attention

Kate Erbland reports at that Jennifer Lawrence will be starring, according the article's headline, in a "True Tale of Incest, Oil and Even an Impoverished Cottage." Incest? Really?

Variety reports that Jennifer Lawrence has signed on for the role of Lydie Marland in screenwriter Chris Terrio‘s Ends of the Earth, a fact-based tale that will center on “the controversial love affair between an oil baron and his adopted daughter, which destroys the empire they built together.” However, the Marlands had one hell of a life, and while the particulars of their relationship weren’t necessarily the biggest part of it, it will likely make for some damn fine cinematic drama.

As it turns out, Lydie was adopted out as a teenager to her maternal aunt and uncle. When was in her 20s, her adoptive mother died, the adoption was annulled, and at age 28 she married the 54 year-old to whom she had no blood relation, but had been an uncle (by marriage) to her and an adoptive father. However, this was neither incest biologically nor legally. Some would consider it incest socially, but it wasn't like this man had raised her from birth. It appears to be an adoption for the sake of providing financially for teenagers.
So what we have here is the "i" word being used to get attention, and we all know that word raises thoughts in the minds of some of a drunken man assaulting his underage daughter; this is nothing like that. For others, the word brings up hidden love between cousins or siblings, and this was nothing hidden. People who make movies like this and write articles like this know that even though so many people say "Incest? Eeww!" many people are very interested.
The story does sound interesting, even though I think the use of the "i" word is stretching it.
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  1. Journalists are very good at getting attention even with just a single word.


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