Saturday, August 11, 2012

Desk Clearing: Remember GSA on Dr. Drew?

Remember when the women who've taken over the URL that used to be the place to go to discuss Genetic Sexual Attraction went on the Dr. Drew TV show and got lots and lots of attention? A while back I saw a blog entry discussing it that kind of missed the whole point and focused on Julie's husband. Then the ensuing discussion, full of ignorance, got racist and also trashed Julie's genetic father.

OneSTDV wrote "Greatest Beta Ever? Incest and Cuckoldry"...

Dr. Drew (no, it's not him) had a program last night about "genetic sexual attraction", which is probably exactly what you're thinking - estranged fathers having sex with their daughters upon reuniting as an adult.
The blogger was ignorant. Genetic Sexual Attraction is a phenomenon that may or may not lead to sexual contact, and it is experienced by up to half of all people involved in a reunion/introduction of post-pubescent genetic relatives. The attraction may or may not be mutual. It happens between siblings, between mothers and sons/daugthers, fathers and sons/daughters, etc. depending on sexual orientation.

In case you didn't know, dear reader, "Beta" is a term, often used derisively, of man who are "alpha males." "Cuckoldry" refers to raising another male's genetic offspring, perhaps unwittingly... for example, a woman married to a man has an affair and gets pregnant as a result, and her husband raises the child. In some cases, it isn't a cheating affair but actually something a husband wants his wife to do. But I digress...

The blonde in the linked video clip recounts her story, which goes like this:
Less than a year ago, she reunited with her biological father.  Eventually, their relationship turned sexual.  At the time, she had been married for ten years.  After having an affair with her own biological father, she is still married to the same man.  She is now advertising her incestuous affair, which recall happened within the past year, to a national audience.  Not only did he stay with her, the husband even called into the program to discuss reacting to his wife getting boned by her father.  
I rest my case - there is no "beta" that can top that.
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