Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Woman Speaks Up Against Discrimination and Misinformation

Broadcast and print journalism often gets a topic as special as Genetic Sexual Attraction wrong. Sometimes, articles on Genetic Sexual attraction will condemn relationships between consenting adults and say they are all doomed. It is just not so. Some are healthy, happy, loving, and lasting, and their biggest problem is the prejudice of others; discrimination, often codified in law. Current issues of Take a Break and That's Life have articles on Genetic Sexual Attraction. For reliable information with a better perspective, see the Genetic Sexual Attraction page of this blog.

In response the articles in Take a Break and That's Life, a young woman asked me to publish this. She wishes to remain Anonymous because of the bigotry and prejudice expressed in the laws where she live, but I can assure you she is a real woman, healthy, gainfully employed, bright, attractive, and that she is being honest.

I met my half brother some many years after I was cruelly taken away from him when I was a little baby. After reconnecting with him we spent time together obviously making up for lost time, and at concert we both attended I realised then that this man had a magnetic pull, I wanted to be in his arms, I wanted to feel him against me, just like a normal chemistry pull between a woman and man (or same sex.)

I didn't really bat an eyelid that these thoughts were about my brother. To me, that was just a word; ultimately he was a stranger I was getting to know. I kept my feelings to myself afraid of what he may think. Would I lose my brother and destroy everything we had built up? Or could I chance telling him and pray for the best?

I didn't have to wait too long. A couple of months later, after many a vivid dream about the connection I felt, I noticed something more and more... I'd seen it a few times previously, the way he looked at me, not in a vulgar manner but an adoring one. Every hug felt more powerful. I could feel this connection stronger and stronger each time from him and within me!

One night I had sat down whilst my brother was in. I was messing about with YouTube and played a song that had caught my attention. If I remember correctly was a meatloaf song, oldie but sure, it was called 'love you out loud'. Wish I could love you out loud. Well, he came into me & looked at me, he said nothing at that moment. He spoke to me after when we were alone together and said he knew how I was feeling because he felt the same & had felt the way I had. At that moment he leaned in and kissed me, a kiss I will never forget. It felt perfect, like I'd finally connected with my soulmate, my twin flame or the one. It didn't take us long to cross the line society puts in place because it felt right and feels right to us! When we did it was the most sensual caring love making you could imagine.

I know many people, government and society think this is immoral, wrong & disgusting but in reality we are not the criminals that prey on young people or harm people. We are normal, like everyone else! Others are not willing to even try to understand we are adults that met up and fell in love, many of us in this situation don't automatically feel this kinship that maybe relatives who have grown up together with feel. I've been with my hb for 2 years & yes we have had our ups and downs, stress and strain from not being allowed to be normal 100% of the time because 'people' think its wrong! It's not; there are no 6-toed babies, with 2 heads! I've heard and read about others with happy, healthy babies that are able to stay together for years! There's maybe a slightly higher chance of birth deformities in GSA coupled dependent on many factors, DNA makeup, genes, how closely related, bloodline. But society doesn't prevent everyday couples being together having a family because they may have an underlying condition or illness, so why should any GSA couple be prevented? Why shouldn't we be allowed to be together with someone we love? What gives people the right to judge couples like us when they don't understand and won't try to? We are not monsters or criminals we didn't harm anyone but yet the penalty if caught can be higher than rape of a minor.

I love my brother more than I ever imagined possible to love another. He is the man my heart and soul chose to love perfectly! I adore him in many many ways. People can think I'm sick, but to me I'm loving someone just like them. I'm not harming anyone and nor are any other people in our situation.

Shouldn't they be free to be together? Isn't it ridiculous to punish them for loving each other? Shouldn't they have the right to love each other the way they want? Someone experiencing GSA needs to know they are not alone, they are not abnormal, and that there is nothing wrong with them. If the feelings are mutual and they are free to be together and want to be together, nobody should discourage them.

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  1. It would be very funny if two GSA lovers discovered that they're actually unrelated...
    I can just imagine the reaction:
    "Hey bigots, have you seen?! We are a NORMAL couple, we have always told you! Now leave us alone!"

    1. Actually, Cornelius, I have heard of one case where a man thought he had be reunited with the daughter he didn't know he had. Turned out he was not the genetic father.

    2. Did they feel sexual attraction or not? What happened after they discovered it?

    3. Cornelius, yes the did feel sexual attraction. I can't recall when in the relationship they actually found out they were NOT genetically related. If I recall, the man had been married. We have good reason to believe that there are physical AND emotional/pychological factors involved in GSA. For example, there have been people who have met, fallen in love with a profound attraction, had children together, maybe even married only to find out later that they were genetic siblings, whether half of full.

  2. I was adopted as a baby. After doing a search for birth information, mostly for medical info, I found out I have two half brothers. I wrote them a letter and they called as soon as they received the letter. I had phone conversations with one of my brothers every day after that until we met in person. I "fell in love" with him during our second phone conversation. We both had such an immediate connection and the bond was very strong. We have since consummated our relationship, but now he is having second thoughts -- not about loving me but about the "morality" of the relationship. I am 66 yrs old, he is 54. We are not going to have children, but I am unable to convince him that the love we have for each other is normal and natural. He has 2 children from a previous marriage, and he is worried that people may find out about us. I am not ready to give up yet, though.

    1. Thanks for posting this. You know I support you.


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