Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Criminal Sentences For Consensual Sex in New Zealand

As New Zealand moves towards the limited same-gender freedom to marry, it is still criminally sentencing some adults for consensual sex. Updating this possible Genetic Sexual Attraction case I blogged about months ago, this report comes from BNO news

A father and daughter in New Zealand who say they are in love with each other have been told by a judge to end their incestuous relationship, warning that future incest could land them in prison, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday.

How ridiculous for a judge to tell adults in love with each other that they can’t even love each other the way they want.

The father, 32, and his daughter, 18, appeared in Dunedin District Court on Tuesday and admitted to having an incestuous relationship which began in August 2010 when the woman was 16 years old.

The age of consent in New Zealand is 16.

The incest continued until May this year and resulted in the couple having a baby girl which was born last year.

The article doesn’t mention that there being any problem with the child, which I’m sure is an indication that, like in most of these cases, the child is doing well.

"This must stop. These sort of relationships do not last and are fraught with difficulties," Judge Stephen O'Driscoll told the couple when they appeared in court, the Otago Daily Times newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Uh, you mean like the difficulty of having a judge enforce bigotry against you??? It is kind of hard for relationships to last when the lovers are forcibly separated as one or both are incarcerated for the “crime” of loving each other. The problem with these relationships is not that people love each other, it is people like this judge! He is the very problem he's warning them about!
The teenager told the court that she is in love with her father and that they had been living as 'husband and wife'.

And they should be allowed to! Why break up another family?

He was just 14 when she was born and he had little contact with her until she was 16, so it is possible this is a case of Genetic Sexual Attraction.

Psychiatric and psychological reports have indicated that the father and daughter are being affected by a phenomenon known as genetic sexual attraction (GSA), which sometimes occurs when close relatives first meet as adults. The best known case is of a brother and sister couple in Germany who have four children and have fought against the country's anti-incest laws.

The judge is quoted as saying…

"Everyone has choices about the relationships and sexual relationships they enter into. This relationship was wrong, and I fail to see how you can justify it."

Love does not need to be justified. It is the bigots who have failed to justify why they interfere in consensual adult relationships.
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