Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Genetic Sexual Attraction at Yahoo Answers

I'm active at Yahoo Answers, where some of what amount to the same questions are asked over and over again, and so I'll give essentially the same answer to the same question. Every once in a while, someone will report my answer as offensive or violating the guidelines (though the answer doesn't). This is despite the fact that the very same answer will have been chosen as a "Best Answer" over and over again. Overall, though, I enjoy Yahoo Answers and I like advancing the cause of full marriage equality there, as well as overall relationship rights.

Sarah's question sounds a lot like a situation involving Genetic Sexual Attraction. Under "How do I get my brother back?" she wrote...

I cant take this anymore, I really cant. I found my bio family around a year ago (We were all spit up, all adopted; our bio parents druggies), my sisters and brothers, and one of my brothers, I cant even describe how I feel about him. He's the most handsome man I've ever laid my eyes on, I've ever talked to. We've never met but we've talked on Skype a few times and ran up both our phone bills each month. The first time we talked on the phone he told me he needed to tell me something. I responded 'Alright' and waited. Nothing. A few minutes went by before he told me that he loved me. I told him I loved him too. He groaned and said 'not like that'. I knew what he meant but didn't push the issue. The first time on Skype, we talked about everything under both the sun and the moon. The second time, he had some random girl in his bed and I wanted to be that girl next to him, in his arms, making love to him- I knew the feelings I had/have for him were starting to surface. And I hated it so much- I mean come on! He's my BROTHER. Not half but FULL.
That's what GSA does.
The third time on Skype, he said he'd be a few minutes which was fine b/c I was changing into a fresh T-shirt and sweats after just taking a shower and I told him so. He responded that he hadn't of heard me; I peered my head around the closet door and looked at him on my computer screen and repeated what I had just said- I was surprised to see him lying there on his bed, texting away, shirtless. He barely glanced up as he said 'alright.' I got changed, and we talked and talked and talked. I told him that the second that he and our other sister- they grew up together- had found me, it was like we had known each other forever. He agreeded. We found out we have a lot of stuff in common and we discussed me coming up to VA to visit him. For some reason, he had to mention me getting changed to every family member and a few days later when I speak to our bioMom, she brings it up to me and reminds me that we're related, we're siblings, we're full blood, that nothing can ever happen. I responded that 'of course' I knew that but inside I knew it was a lie- I knew that I wanted something to happen between us, something physical- aka S**-, after I saw him w/that random girl in his bed. Now everyone is constantly on my case, reminding me that we're brother/sister, full blood, and that I'm not allowed to have a single ounce of sensual feelings towards him.

They need to read this.
I respond now, I was polite at first, with a heavy sigh- it gets tiresome after awhile of hearing the word 'No'. Believe me, I want it to be no- he's not half blood, he's FULL. He's my BROTHER. It's incest, it's illegal, it's tabo, it's WRONG. But I just find him so f'in d*** attractive and want to sleep with him, just once- even though I know it will never happen. It will espically never happen now that our sister told me the other day that apparently, he got creeped out by the 'closet incident' and that he thinks I have a crush on him. I apologized on his cell but heard nothing so far. I sent a message on his FB stating that we need to talk about what happened, that I didn't mean anything by it and all he can say is 'we'll talk when he's ready to talk but for the time being to leave him completely alone'. How do I get him to talk to me again, to get him to realize that it was just a 15 second event that happened w/wrong timing, and more importantly, to get over the fact that everytime I check his FB to see what he's up too and I look at his pics, that I just want to spend one single night with him in his bed? It's driving me me insane. I wish I didn't feel this way towards him, I wish the 'closet incident' never happened, and most importantly, I want my brother back! The brother I had before what happened. Please Help! Thanks.
GSA almost always involves pain. This is painful to read, and the last thing either one of them needs is other people trying to interfere in whatever course this relationship is going to take.
Allie Sall advocated violence with this ignorant response...
You. Need. To. Get. Slapped. In. The. Face....With a hammer. Your freaking insane and clearly there's something wrong in your brain. I cant even describe how insanely disgusting that is. And are you too stupid to see that its G-O-O-D hes avoiding you? You need to be held on a leash until you come to your sense realize that he is your brother...full blood....incest. Stupid girl, go read some twilight, and listen to Justin Beiber like a normal girl.
Nice, huh? People experiencing GSA already have enough to deal with, and then bigots advocate harm. Is it any wonder very few people experiencing GSA go public? We need to clear away the ignorance and let the prejudice slink away, so that people can deal with their relationships as they are, without bullies or prosecutors interfering.
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  1. People like Allie Sall have no soul -.-


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