Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Get Messages Through Yahoo Answers

I feel sorry for people with closed minds. Since I won't be sharing this person's name or anything that identifies her, I will go ahead and use the messages she sent to me to share an example of how prejudice against consanguinamory is not rational.

I had responded to a question on Yahoo! Answers about the typical “slippery slope” argument that the same-gender freedom to marry will lead to people marrying wild animals and toasters. I wrote “An adult person should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with ANY consenting adult persons. This includes polyamorous people and people in consanguineous relationships. As soon as other animals or inanimate objects are legally considered consenting adult persons, they can participate, too.”

The second sentence was meant to point out the difference between people marrying each other and people marrying toaster ovens.

So Anonymous sent me some material from in one message, and then sent a second message implying I was comparing same-gender marriages to sex with nonhuman animals, which is the exact opposite of what I was doing.

I wrote back to clarify, to which she responded by selectively quoting me, and so I had to write back to clarify again, and I always stressed I was referring to consenting adults.

Then she sent this…

So you would support incest? As long as the two partners are consenting? This could be a older brother and his little sister or a older father and his daughter?
A mother and her daughters? Two twin bothers?

Do u understand the meaning of "balance" and "morality" ?

I affirmed that I support the rights of all consenting adults, asking her what was wrong with such a position, to which she wrote back…

So you would have no problem doing a sexual act to your baby girl but you'll just wait until she's eighteen and legal before looking into her eyes (same eyes that looked like you and her mother and that you saw when craddling her as a infant baby) and put your penis inside of her instead of giving your little girl away on her wedding day, and watching her go off to give you grandchildren but making your own grandkids with you're own daughter? huh?

You're very corrupt, sir. And i have little respect for you... I can give plenty of homosexuals and polygamous people who would turn from you being on their side....

You're sick and you lack morality and balance...

I replied that I do not have any children and asked again what was wrong with letting consenting adults love each other. This is was the response…

If you see no problem with a father having sex and marrying his daughters or a mother having sex with her children, then you're talk has said it all of where ur family values lie.

You are , as i said before, a corrupt individual, simpleton who will not submit to balance or reasoning because you are stubborn (like many other conservatives i know). It's this way or that, up or down, black or white, there is no such thing as mediation. But where you realize or not, every case is not the same.

In the last email i was simply seeing where your morality lay and was expecting u to say: "Well i could understand where you are coming from with morality, but in a situation where a cousin is marrying a distant cousin of whom he did not grow up with, would you accept incest then?"

But instead you basically said: "There is nothing wrong with parents having sex with their adult children. & as long as my daughter agrees, I would have sex with her like I had with her mother to create her"

Do you hear what you are saying?

There is such a thing called balance, child. Judgment is ok in some ways.

I assured her I understood she was disgusted with the idea of consanguinamory and that she would not want to be in such a relationship, then pointed out that she still hadn’t given me a good reason why someone else should be prevented from having their rights. I cited that some hterosexuals are disgusted by the idea of gay sex, some lesbians I know are disgusted by the idea of heterosexual sex, and asked her about situations with GSA, since she was fixated on a father who’d raised a girl having sex with her (which might be a clue to something in her background).

She wrote…

They are disgusted at the IDEA of them doing the action on a man (which is understandable since they are lesbians) not the morality of it. there is no lack of morality in a man loyaly making love to his wife, as much as there isn't no morality code broken with a man loyal making love to his husband, but a man having sex with his baby girl?

(in the past he had to be in a marriage to of made her, and or IS raising her alone, or he could of not raised her at all come back years later and instead of wanting a father daughter relationship he wants a sexual one. is that right?)

SOmetheing isn't right in the relationship here for a daughter to be sexually attracted to someone whom is a father figure and is her biological "daddy". How can you not understand the difference? You're just like all the other bigots! Who compare homosexuality with incest!


I again asked her to explain what the problem was with consenting adults being together, since she still hadn’t given me a single reason other than her personal disapproval and the fact that consanguinamory is not the same thing as gay or lesbian sex, because neither of those things explains why two consenting adults who are closely related should be denied their rights.

This is what I got...

You are a stuborn fool who will not get very fare in your compaign to legalize all things "consentous". You are a character who lacks morality, and was not taught the difference between right or wrong. It's disturbing my peace. I can be ok with polagomy, homosexuality, and certain cases of incest (distant realatives or even cousins)

but a fathersticking his penis in his daughter, and you saying you would do the same if you had a child [I said nothing of the sort], is not disgusting?

This alone tells me what kind of sick mind you have, if you can look at your little sister sexually, and watch your daughter grow up fantisising about her the more she matures. HAve you no limit?

Good bye, and if hell exist i suggest you burn in it and reflects your morals on earth,


For good measure, she also sent me this…

I blocked you so anything you sent out will not reach me.

Good bye.

Sigh. It’s quite sad. Her reaction to what could be called hyperendogamy reminds me of those people (they are still out there) who get upset and express their digust at what could be called hyperexogamy (interracial marriage). You ask them why they are so upset and they say something like…. “It…. it’s just wrong. Can’t you see it is just wrong? It isn’t meant to be!” And then they say something must be wrong with you if you don’t want to stop other people from loving each other.

This is why full marriage equality will happen. There will always be people who express their hatred for others, but people who were just ignorant and not haters become supporters once they are no longer ignorant, when they see that there is no reason to deny adults relationship rights, and no amount of arm waving by haters will stand in the way of progress.
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  1. *sigh* I find that typically these type of people are just a waste of my time trying to explain. If they are engaging rudely or aren't being rational (you can tell the type when they try to use insults to add emphasis to their points as if that makes it clear), I think sometimes it's just better to let it go and ignore them. From many of my experiences, you end up back in the same place where you started, only they end up blocking you or whatever. So yeah. Let these people have their rants, they obviously can't be rational so how can they possibly have a rational conversation with you? They can't. o.o Better, yet, sometimes I just say say, "if we can't have a rational discussion without the use of insults, there is no point in me discussing. Take care!" :)

    I don't like to think about it, but I know there are people that do really think like this, and there are still people who are against interracial marriage today. Lots of internal trauma and brainwashing.

    I like how she told you to stop emailing her your "filth" yet she was the one who wanted to contact you with her own bigoted filth to begin with xD

  2. This person just used argumenta ad hominem because she was unable to discredit your arguments.

  3. It's a terrible thing, but it does happen often enough. Most people go bannanas when I say that nothing should stand in the way of love, be it blood, gender, or any other thing. They usually say that offspring coming from incestuous relationships are born monsters, disabled or even mentally sick (i.e. psychopaths), and no matter how many times you try to explain how genetics work, and how wrong that argument is, they won't listen.

    Others, when talking about homosexuality, just say that even though it does happen in nature, 'it just isn't right' because no offspring can come from those relationships. Therefore reducing relationships to mere means to have children, and at the same time taking the right of love away from people who can't have children.

    There are loads of people in the world, and so many kids in need of a family that I can hardly consider that an argument. Bothers me to see that so many people would rather have hate than love in their lives, just because other people's love concept is not the same as theirs.

    1. Ms. D, thanks for joining our good friends Vegan and Cornelius and leaving your comment. The support from all three of you is appreciated. Welcome!

    2. Welcome on board. Most of what you said, is exactly the type of comments I go through. xD


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