Monday, August 13, 2012

More Coverage of Lovebirds Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon

As I have written before, I support Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon's right to be together. It doesn't matter that some people think their relationship is incestuous. A couple of days ago, Cassie Carpenter reported at on the happy couple...

They lived like brother and sister for over a decade before Whitney Houston's tragic death.

But Bobbi Kristina Brown not only kissed and professed her love for brother-turned-partner Nick Gordon over Twitter last night, she also showed off a mysterious diamond sparkler on her left ring finger.
Good for her.

Controversial: Bobbi was seen clutching Nick's thigh while they watched the Billboard Music Awards together back in May, and the teenager was wearing the same diamond sparkler that night
Bobbi was seen clutching Nick's thigh while they watched the Billboard Music Awards together back in May, and the teenager was seen wearing the same diamond sparkler that night.

The duo batted away rumours of an engagement shortly after and last month, according to Hollywood Life, they both decided it wasn't the right time to wed.

'Bobbi and Nick really love each other,' said the source.
'But they just can’t figure out how they want to define their relationship. Bobbi felt like she got swept up in the moment because she was going through a lot of emotions after Whitney’s death. But they’re in love and still together, just not engaged.'

If they love each other, good for them. May they be filled with happiness.

Don't want to be with someone who your mother treated like family? Then don't. But let other adults have their relationship, without slurs.
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