Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Example of Trying to Silence Voices For Equality

It's a minor example, and hopefully, it won't work completely.

Someone asked at Yahoo Answers about marrying a cousin. A cousin.

This was my answer:

"First cousins can marry (usually, only heterosexuals) in about half of US states and many countries. I'm not aware of any US states where sex between first cousins is illegal. It really doesn't matter if someone considers it incest. Marriage is fundamental right. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults."

That is a political statement, and hardly a radical one at that. It does not violate their community guidelines. Someone simply didn't like my opinion and reported it to get it removed and to try to silence me. If it works, that will be very chilling. It already worked to hide the answer.

Bigotry is ugly.
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  1. So sorry that happened to you again Keith >.> I know it sucks cuz I recently had one of my mine withdrawn, yet just on a different topic! o.o I got reported and argued my case but either they never made a verdict about it, or I simply somehow did violate the community guidlines and they never confirmed to me that I did. It was a dumb question that I answered anyway, oh well. :/
    That sucks Keith. But don't be put down by it. People will always try and silence the justice, but we grow in support. And I have noticed a slight increase in people that are taking a defense for consensual incest on Yahoo answers! :)


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