Monday, December 19, 2011

Dexter Season Finale

The coverage of “incest on TV” continues. Ian Grey wraps up the sixth season of “Dexter.” There are spoilers, so you are warned.

Back at Deb’s therapy session — a breakthrough! While Doctor Ross (Rya Kihlstedt) tries hard to keep her you-are-so-fucked-up face at bay, Deb tells her how totally right she was! That being in love with Dexter explains, like everything, ever!

That when she was with withholding guys, or distant with guys, or with guys she was horrible to, or when she dated a serial killer… well, she hasn’t worked that out yet (oh, Deb). But every other screwed up thing is tied to the fact that she totally wants to be with him — all she has to do is tell him about it!

There are many step, adopted, and yes even half and full-blood siblings who have experimented or even gone on to have spousal-type relationships. It happens often enough that you definitely know someone who has, whether you know it or not. The reality of these situations should get some airing on TV, and it shouldn't all be negative; the reality is, there are many of these situations that are positive.

If someone is watching a show about murderers and what is upsetting to them is the thought of any two characters having consensual sex because those characters are related by blood or law, then perhaps that person needs to realize that their reactions are irrational, and they should hold back from shouting them out and expressing such prejudice.
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  1. I'd date someone as cute and spunky as Deb if she were my adopted sister and our parents were both gone. With no one to hurt by our inappropriate relationship, and no elevated risk of having defective offspring since we're only related through adoption, I don't see any reason to hold back if it was what we both wanted.

  2. It isn't inappropriate for adults who are not breaking vows to others to love each other.


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