Monday, December 19, 2011

Congratulations to the Caulfields and Emily DiSanto

In a victory for relationship and religious freedom (see the picture of the god Odin), an American woman, Emily DiSanto, on the right to stay in Britain with the father of her child and his wife. David Barrett and Claire Duffin write at

The 25-year-old now shares Alan and Anne-Marie Caulfield’s marital home in south-east London with his two children – one by each of the women.

The American's lawyer told the court that their religious beliefs bar the Caulfields from divorcing.

Immigration judges were also told that forcing her to leave the country would affect the wellbeing of Mrs Caulfield’s son, as well as her own young daughter.

The case is the latest example of how human rights laws are being used to overturn the decisions of civil servants and ministers in immigration cases in what critics say are dubious circumstances.

The article states that the legally married couple are no longer in a sexual relationship. So, it is possible that this isn’t polyamory in a sexual sense, but it could be described as polyamorous in other ways. Or perhaps it used to be polyamory in the sexual sense. Whatever the labels or what they adults are or aren’t doing with each other, the court’s decision is best for all involved.
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