Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More on Incest on TV? How About More Consanguinamory?

The discussion about television shows continues. If you’re a “Dexter” fan who isn’t caught up, this link and discussion contain spoilers. Richard Rys at has the show recap for season 6 episode 11.

In the scene where Deb chews out Quinn and Batista, Carpenter masterfully tightrope walks between anger and emotional meltdown. There’s also the speechless pause after her shrink suggests she may have unsisterly feelings for Dexter that says more than any F-bomb she’s ever dropped. Maybe this attraction to Dexter is a temporary diversion, or even a stress-induced response to all the f---ed-upitude in her life. But the therapist makes a convincing argument about her possible semi-incestuous feelings, which aren’t as sick as they seem at first. Sure, they grew up together, but they’re not (irony alert) blood-related. They’re also each other’s best friend, save for one teeny secret Dexter is somehow still keeping from her. Still, it seems impossible for Deb to avoid either death or institutionalization by the end of the series.

Scibz commented…

Although I have many issues with this season, this potential Dexter/Deb incest story line takes the cake. There is a psychological phenomenon called the Westermarck effect that makes it unlikely for sexual attraction to occur between two people who lived together as children. There have been many studies to back up this theory (Chinese minor marriages, Israeli kibbutzim, etc.). So it's pretty rediculous that the writers are even exploring this (also, even though they aren't genetically related, it still seems pretty gross to me).

Various sexual things are gross to various people. But not everyone experiences the Westermarck effect, or experiences it strongly enough to overpower other feelings. also asks “How Much Is Too Much Incest on TV?”

There isn’t too much, just not enough positive depiction of consanguinamory.

Mrshowscan commented…

I never watch any of the shows mention but I'm thrilled you're talking about them. I had an incestuous relationship with my sister 40 years ago.

Mrshowscan, thanks for speaking up. Contact me.

Amelia McDonell-Parry at has “12 Examples Of Not-Totally-Repulsive Incestuous Relationships In Pop Culture.” Before getting into all of the examples, she writes…

On last night’s episode, Debra Morgan’s therapist — who I was kind of hoping might end up igniting some latent lesbian fantasies for our favorite foul-mouthed Lieutenant — suggests that Deb is hot for Dexter. Dexter, of course, is Deb’s brother, though they are not related by blood. While initially pissed off by the suggestion, she starts to, well, entertain the thought that her shrink may be right. Seriously … is “Dexter” really going to go there?!

Let me be the first to say, I SURE HOPE SO.

There are actually attractive, well-adjusted, intelligent people out there in happy, lasting relationships with close relatives. You may know some. You certainly know people who have engaged in consanguinamory at some point, with positive results rather than tragedy. This should be reflected in fiction. It could still be dramatic because of all of the prejudice and ignorance about it. You might be disgusted by the thought, but I know gays and lesbians disgusted by the thought of any heterosexual sex others are engaging in. So what? We're not all going to want each other's love lives. There are other television shows to watch, other entertainment sources, and other things to do.
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