Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Talk About Incest on TV

The discussion continues. This entry has “Dexter” and “Boardwalk Empire” spoilers, so you are warned.

Jaime Weinman wrties that “Incest Plots Replace Hoarder Plots.”

There are several reasons why incest is a perfect HBO subject. It’s a taboo subject, and taboo subjects are what HBO producers are always on the lookout for.

Most of Weinman’s reasons are negative.

Ian Grey takes a look at “Dexter”. This link is for

Seriously, Showtime: Dexter-Debra incest? That’s what you’re banking on as you approach the season-six finale? Isn’t that why God created slashfic?

Goodness forbid they deal with things that actually happen between some stepsiblings.

Grey’s piece was also at, and I found some comments there.


Really? Mass murder, other strong sexual content, and lots of controversial religious subtexts this season and this is what you oppose? It's not even really incest considering they're not biologically related. You should probably get your priorities straight.

Excellent point.

Rachel Reitsleff at writes

As for Deborah, on the one hand, this is a little weird. On the other hand, as Deborah’s psychiatrist points out, it’s not biological incest – Deborah’s father adopted Dexter when he was three. On the other, other hand, this is an issue that’s hardly coming out of the blue. On the other, other, other hand, this octopus of an emotional conundrum, if it continues, looks like it may be the strangest thing that’s happened yet to Deborah or Dexter, which is saying a good deal.

Price Peterson at has “Dexter: Ewwwwww!”

To be fair, this scene was a dream sequence, but still: After a nearly season-long series of therapy sessions, Deb's bossy psychiatrist suggested that perhaps the root of all Deb's problems is her romantic crush on her own adopted brother! Great session, doc! Even the knowledge that these two actors used to be married in real life didn't make this less idea less gross, and frankly, it was hilarious. What a weird thing for this show to do!

The fact is, there are stepsiblings, adopted siblings, half-siblings, and full siblings who have been attracted to each other, have experimented, have had flings, and even those in spousal-style relationships. Anyone reading this certainly knows someone in such a relationship, whether they know it or not.

Perhaps it is time for a “Sister Wives”-style show about such a relationship? It might be easier to get a show about step-siblings or adopted siblings on pay TV first, but I’d like to see one about half-siblings or full siblings, and in that case, it could be simplified if one of both of them is (now) unable to reproduce, just to avoid the tired, ignorant “mutant babies” objections. There would be no legal issues if they lived in Rhode Island or New Jersey, and perhaps there is an attractive consanguinamorous couple willing to subject themselves to such a production, and that currently lives in or is willing to move to one of those states and deal with the fallout of doing the show? It is past time for the TV audience to see that the people in these relationships are often good friends, good neighbors, good citizens, and that there's nothing wrong with them.
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