Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Incest in Media, Again

Tracy Clark-Flory at questions “Why is incest all over prime time?” She not only looks at the television shows we’ve been talking about, but the high school prank going viral. She says that…

these fictional imaginings reinforce the taboo by playing on our supreme squeamishness toward the idea of incest.


In addition to quoting a similar article in the New York Times from 1997 by Karen De Witt, the article quotes James B. Twitchell, author of “Forbidden Partners: The Incest Taboo in Modern Culture,” Mary Jean Corbett, author of “Family Likeness: Sex, Marriage, and Incest From Jane Austen to Virginia Woolf,” and Nancy Fischer, a sociology professor and author of the journal article “Oedipus Wrecked? The Moral Boundaries of Incest.” Fischer says…

Sibling incest isn’t that common and when it occurs, it’s more likely to be an older, bullying brother with a younger, powerless sibling

I disagree. Consensual experiences, both neutral and positive, are usually kept secret. Sociologists, therapists, social workers, and law enforcement are, of course, going to mostly be dealing with molestation or assault. Recreation, exploration, experimentation, or lovemaking is quite a different thing than molestation or assault.
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  1. I hear ya keith...I can't go too long without hearing something about incest, whether in the media or in my English class. I have NO IDEA WHY but all of our short stories we are reading involve some type of blood relationship. The class, gets all "wait wait...but isn't that his cousin?" It's kind of hurts me when they ask such questions. I would say something but lately I went into my shy state again :(

    Geez, and I wish the people that had the nerve to bash incest would actually take the time to freaking talk to a couple in a happy relationship...ohhh yeah but that's right...they are in hiding because of the bigotry that person laid against their relationship..

    keep pushing for equality Keith, we are opening minds. :)


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