Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hate is Disgusting has a roundup, much like I’ve done on this blog, of the recent reaction to the incest and faux-incest storylines on recent television show episodes. What caught my attention was some of the comments by readers.

john, 2011-12-20 19:21:48 was scary in his hateful bigotry…

incest is a mental / genetic defect.

His evidence of this is…? Considering the many consanguinamorous people who are intelligent, functioning, attractive people, I'd say the evidence is not in john's favor.

it is sick and it produces genetically scary inbreds that will further weaken the gene pool.

Ah, Discredited Argument #18.

in our culture incest was cause for an instant death questions or no arguments from the family. if the family didn't like it they joined the doomed.

What culture would that be, I wonder? Wow. Wanting to kill people for being in love. That is what is sick. And since he called it a mental/genetic defect, it appears john supports killing the disabled.

Bob Johnson, 2011-12-20 19:41:33…

Incest sounds like the final act of desperation - instead of creating something new and original and intriguing embrace the old and vulgar.

Desperation? To be a little more realistic about the fact that these relationships do exist? Why should these relationships be kept off television?

Bruce, 2011-12-21 01:11:14…

2 things: 1) They're ADOPTED siblings, not BIOLOGICAL siblings. Twisted, yes, but not actually incest. 2) It's a show about a guy who goes around and MURDERS people, but I guess that's OK with you?

It’s not twisted. But other than that, great comment, Bruce.

Mehitabel, 2011-12-21 05:50:30…

My ex married his step-sister. So, yes, there is an 'ewwwww' factor but there's nothing wrong with it technically or genetically. And as blended families and families with anaymous sperm donors and surrogates and all this genetic mish-mash become more and more common, it's about time we started to explore this. It's actually a pretty topical issue. 'Who's your daddy?' is actually a fairly serious question these days in some communities.

Gay and lesbian characters used to be kept off of television, too. Hell, heterosexual married couples used to have separate beds on TV shows. The more sex-positive and inclusive TV gets, the better.
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  1. Keep combating the ignorant Keith :) I'm taking a big break for awhile. The stress of dealing with ignorant people is bothering me again :( Just receiving messages that are so hateful, when I counter an anti incest argument, and then the even more annoying peeps who keep saying the same thing over and over again, just worded differnetly...well, you get the idea by now I'm sure :) Imma use this break to chill...I hope you had a good Holiday keith.


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