Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank You, Claire Shotwell

Looks like "Sister Wives" has made Claire Shotwell more of an ally. She is an associate editor of the The Cavalier Daily at the University of Virginia.
I have since realized that the Brown family confronts the negative stereotypes and stigmas associated with plural marriages and also present the positive side to a debate that society has long ignored. State governments, in examining the equality and justness of marriage, should not only debate same-sex marriage, but plural marriage as well.

Consanguineous marriage, too. We need full marriage equality.
Of course, the biggest concern to opponents of polygamy is that the such relationships may force underage girls to embark on marriages and sexual relationships with older men. But this happens in monogamous relationships, as well. Additionally, there are age of consent laws to address such issues associated with polygamy: If these young girls are too young to consent, then the government must interfere.

Exactly. Deal with the problem behavior by dealing with the person doing it, rather than denying a freedom to everyone else, too.
It could even be argued that if the state recognized polygamy, such marriages would become more transparent and consequently be more open to the enforcement of consent laws.

That's a good thing to note.
Another reasonable concern with polygamy, many argue, is that it is inherently a patriarchal institution that promotes the subordination of women. As true as this may be, heterosexual marriage is argued by many to be a patriarchal institution, as well.

Right again! Besides, polyandry and group polygamy should be included in the right to polygamy.

She also notes that some women find polygyny to improve their lives.
Furthermore, the government should not be able to legislate who its citizens may love and marry. Just because the majority of America's love is of the heterosexual, monogamous kind does not make this love suitable for all people and lifestyles. As long as all parties are of the age of consent and do, in fact, consent to plural marriage, government should not be able to interfere.

Thank you, thank you Ms. Shotwell.
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