Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sister Wives: What Do You Think?

I may gather some comments from the media on the TLC show "Sister Wives" recapping the first season, but first I wanted yo get YOUR take, whether you watched it or whether you have heard people talking about it. Do you think it is helping people to understand and accept polyamory? Or is it having the opposite effect? Or is it only applying to the public's perception of FLDS-style polygyny?
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  1. I think it shows their lifestyle in a very good way and opens the minds of some viewers, but it is NOT polyamory and the average person who knows nothing about it can't see the difference.
    It makes explaining poly relationships even more problematic.

  2. Thanks, Inferno. There certainly is a lengthy spectrum or large map or whatever one wants to call it in nonmonogamy. While a poly situation could be polygyny, that's what seems to be the most common picture that pops into the head of the average person not involved in polyamory. Maybe what is needed is another TV series that shows a poly situation that isn't strictly or mainly polygyny?


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