Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Somewhat Friendly Discussion on Consanguineous Relationships

A1lion835 started a discussion about consanguineous relationships.

What's wrong with incestuous relationships? In my book, nothing.

I agree, as long as the participants are consenting adults (or both consenting minors who are close in age to each other) and they are not violating existing vows to others.

Usually, people's objections are that it's wrong/immoral/sick/against God's wishes/makes mutant babies.

It’s the same kind of prejudice that people have against other relationships, such as same-sex or poly or interracial or intergenerational adults.

junkimchi responded…

If you love a family member in a manner to engage in sexual relations, your relationship is obviously going to have to be limited unless you want to risk an offspring that will suffer many hardships.

The biggest problems seem to be… the prejudice of others. Prejudice is giving people an excuse to be prejudiced. Take away the prejudice, and those problems go away.

Ballistics wrote…

How is one so bored that they have to rely totally on their sister or brother for affection.

This doesn’t make sense. This is like saying, “The only reason you want to marry another guy is that you have trouble with women.” Most consangs have had relationships with others. The prefer to have a relationship with a close relative because that is who they love.

From there, the discussion goes heavily into genetics. The good thing to note is that it looks like we have some allies.
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