Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is Poly the New Gay?

Polymory Paradigm looked at recent events and discussed whether or not poly is the new gay.

Being someone who wasn't (and isn't) strongly involved in the gay rights movement I have a hard time knowing if Polyamory is following the same path or not. What I do know is that most of the poly folk I talk to don't seem to be activists. Some have strong political opinions and will even stand up for their rights when it comes to sexuality, preserving nature, abortion and such but that is no different than monogamous folks.

Right. Poly people are very much like monogamous people, just like gay people are very much like straight people.

But most feel their right to practice polyamory isn't being directly impeded nor do they have any interest in converting other folks.

We should never pressure others into something that’s not for them; we should assist people who are struggling to have the freedom to live in a way that is for them. But make no mistake: polyamorists who are denied the right to marry the persons they love if they so choose are being impeded, just like gay people are in most of the US.

PP also looked at the legal situation in Canada

Why should you care? Because the case will likely put Canada further down the unexplored road of defining marriage than the U.S. Often Canadian and U.S. law are tied closely, or are even used as precedents.

Not to mention as Section 293 is currently written. . .
-it is possible any conjugal relationship could be punishable under the law.
-the law could be applied to someone dating, and having sex with, multiple partners but not in any formal relationship with any of them. Conjugal is typically understood to mean "sex".
-anyone attending a ritual, ceremony, or handfasting, regardless of legal recognition of the event could be prosecuted under the law.
-anyone who knows of a couple or group existing in a committed, but not legally sanctioned, relationship who doesn't report the relationship to authorities could be charged under the law.
-swinging could be illegal.
-threesomes could be illegal.
-Cheat on your girlfriend, she finds out, she calls the cops. 5 yrs in prison.

By the way, lack of sexual intercourse or abuse don't excuse guilt under the law. Furthermore, how you got into the relationship doesn't matter either.

Let’s hope Canadians gain another freedom to marry and move closer to full marriage equality.
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