Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Is Normal

Someone asked: “Is it normal that I have incestuous thoughts?”

I've had incestuous thoughts about my cousins since I was 13. I never did anything about them for fear of my family (they're very conservative). I also have sexual interest in mothers, but somehow, my own mother turns me off. Other peoples' mothers seem ok, and I wouldn't mind role playing with them as my own mother, but I could never do it with my own. Is this normal?

It is not something everyone experiences, but it isn’t abnormal or anything of which to be ashamed. There is a wide spectrum of sexual experiences and what turns people on. Relationships are diverse as are attractions.

The cousin issue appears to be a separate issue from the “MILF” issue, as this person writing has apparently been atracted to his (or her) actual cousins, but not his mother. The MILF thing is not incestuous though the role-playing would be an incest fantasy, but he phrases it “wouldn’t mind,” not “really want to.”

Cousin marriage has gone on throughout human history and currently happens all over the world, and you can be certain there are many more cousins who have had sex, and even more who have thought about it. So this is normal.

Perhaps less common, but still not abnormal, is being attracted to mothers especially. For a male, it make biological sense as she is apparently fertile. Certainly having sex with an older woman and role playing as mother-son is not a rare thing, and it happens with the genders switched, too, as evidenced in how common it is for the term “daddy” to be invoked.

Who’s your daddy?
…and so on.

Some people are attracted to their biological mother or father. Matthew finds his biological mother very attractive as does his sister Melissa, and I have to agree.

These things may not be something everyone wants, but there isn’t anything abnomal or harmful, and they shouldn’t be illegal.
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