Sunday, October 17, 2010

Polygamy Doesn't Cause Gender Discrimination

Here’s another example of how predictable arguments against polygamy are.

What's your opinion of polygamy?

Looks great to me. Seriously, my opinion about polygamy is the same as my opinion about monogamy: It is good as long as everyone involved consents to relationship, wants to be in the relationship, and isn’t being abused.

Many consider the practice immoral and it's illegal in this country and most of the developed world. It's probably not just coincidence that few, if any, polygamous countries are liberal democratic societies in which women enjoy equal rights.

Yes? Well, it is high time we stop letting the oppressive countries have more freedom to marry than we do. How about letting women (and men) make their own choices about the person or persons she will marry?

Anthropologists have noted that in a polygamous society many men end up as "bare branches"--sexually frustrated and prone to enlist in violent enterprises, especially those that bring status and glory; a jihad, for example.

The freedom to marry includes the freedom to leave. And let’s not pretend that polygamous marriages have a monopoly on relationship problems. Should we ban all relationships? Gender discrimination can lead to forced polygyny. But polygyny is a right that is for the benefit of all where there is gender equality.
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