Friday, October 18, 2013

The Rebels Strike Back Against the Empire

Hector Tobar reports at that self-published erotica writers are fighting back against the censors.
Yesterday, Jacket Copy's Carolyn Kellogg reported on Amazon, Kobo and other e-book retailers' cracking down on self-published erotica on their websites, attempting to remove titles of works that depict incest, rape and child pornography.
Everyone should make a clear distinction between consensual sex and assault/molestation. "incest" can be used to describe both.

What galls the self-published authors most is that their works take up themes that are commonly found in books published by serious literary authors, and in countless works of genre fiction produced by the nation's largest publishing houses and movie studios.
“Books and movies and shows about murder, incest and cannibalism will still be sold by these websites,” wrote the author Dalia Daudelin on her blog. “Dexter, Hannibal, Sleeping Beauty and Game of Thrones will not be removed, because it's a lot harder to bully people with the money for lawyers. This is censorship, and it's only being used against those who are self published.”
Isn't the way so much of life works? It is much easier to prosecute a poor person for the "crime" of consensual sex with another adult (and their their name and mugshot into the news) than it is
 to prosecute a wealthy or connected person. There are law enforcement officers out with tales to tell about the rich and famous, I'm sure.
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