Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nigerian Man Arrested

No, it wasn't for a scam. Well, actually, the thing could be a scam of sorts, because we're lacking a lot of information. This report from says he was arrested for "incest."
A 53-year-old man and staff of the Kogi State Printing and Publishing Corporation,  publishers, Yusuf Alabi, is currently in police net for allegedly having carnal knowledge of his two daughters.

I'm not sure why it matters who employs him, unless that company is associated with the news source. More likely, I think, is that the company is a competitor. His employer's name was included, but information that could be crucial was left out. Let's keep reading...
The acting Commissioner for Police in the state, Mr. Austin Evbakhavbokun, disclosed this while parading some suspects before newsmen in Lokoja, recently.

He said the suspect was apprehended following a complaint by one Abdulmalik to the state Investigation and Intelligence Bureau, alleging that his father was having sexual intercourse with immediate younger sister.

According to the police chief, when the boy challenged his father for committing incest, the suspect threatened to kill him if he exposes him, adding that upon interrogation, the suspect admitted to the crime, which he posited, was meant to protect his children from dying prematurely.
Really? This sounds like other wild claims, such as when a man will accuse a "witch" of magically shrinking/removing his penis, which has sometimes caused lynching, or the vicious lie that having intercourse with a virgin will cure HIV or AIDS. If he really made that claim, the guy is obviously a problem. However, I do not rule out the possibility of this being a set-up. The man is 53. It is entirely possible that all of his children are well into adulthood and this was consensual sex. If that's not the case, he should be charged with rape. However, we don't know the ages of his daughters, and we don't know if he has always been in their life or not. We don't even know if the person reporting him is his son or rather a half-brother to the daughter(s) or if he has any reason to make a false accusation. If the guy is a predator, lock him up in a bad place for a very long time. If this is a matter of consensual sex between adults, it shouldn't be a crime in the first place.

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