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An Ongoing Consanguinamorous Journey

If you aren't familiar with Tumblr, it combines blogging with networking. As a result, it is full of interesting things and you can find just about any topic portrayed or discussed there. Of interest to this blog are all of the LGBT people, polyamorous people, consanguinamorous people, allies, fetishes, and paraphilias represented there. There is much NSFW stuff that can be found there, and bloggers can flag their own stuff as such. While there is much fictional incest fetish porn material there, that sort of thing is very different than what can also be found there: people sharing their experiences with consanguinamory.

Their Own Moms is a popular blog by a young man who has had a serious romantic interest and sexual attraction for his mother and took to blogging as at outlet and to share with others who have been in the same boat.  His mother is single and he has no siblings. For a while, he has blogged about his feelings, answered questions from others. Most of those entries have been well-written and endearing. Between some of those entries have been other entries visualy depicting explicit sex that have nothing to do with the blogger or his mother, other than being a turn-on for the blogger (and many followers.)

The blogger has been on a journey. Not too long ago, that journey involved taking his mother on dates that could be construed as romantic, and there was at least one occasion where they literally slept together, but it wasn't until later that the blogger told his mother clearly that he was actually in love with her and wanted to make love to her.

His followers had to patiently wait for his updates, but if you're so inclined, you can get to the "good stuff" right now. And while he and his followers were not sure if her reaction would be disastrous or simply one of disinterest, I'll go ahead and spoil it for you and say...

...that her reaction could not have been better for the blogger (and his followers.)

If you want some of the lead-up, here are just some of the relevant entries...

This entry, which discusses some of their dating....

I said there wasn’t anywhere I’d rather be or anyone I’d rather be with than her. That got quite a smile too. And she said the same thing back, that there was nobody she’d rather be with than me. So hooray me!
Then we officially agreed on it. We’re gonna do something next Friday. I think dinner and then there was nothing really decided beyond that. But I said “It’s a date!” and she smiled and said she can’t wait.
This entry, which is a recap of that date...
It was awesome. She looked amazing.

We stayed at the restaurant over an hour after we finished eating, just talking. I have no idea how she felt, but I was so into her it was like time didn’t even exist.

But we eventually checked the time and left so we could make the movie. Right after it started I took her hand like I did at the fireworks and we held hands pretty much the whole movie. So that was pretty great.

It was already 2am by the time we got from the theater to our car, so we went right home. She was pretty tired. But after we pulled into the garage I asked her if she’d go out with me again. She gave me one of her incredible smiles and said of course. I asked if I could kiss her goodnight and got the same smile and same “of course”.
This entry details when they literally slept together...

So let me be clear: no, I didn’t “sleep with her” as in we had sex. I had no sex with her. Or with anyone else for that matter.
So we’re laying there talking. And after a few minutes the more we talked the more there was this delay between her answers. Like I would say something and then a few seconds would pass and she’d say something back. Then I’d say something again and even more seconds would pass and then she’d say something back. It was like her batteries were running down.

Then eventually I said something and I got no response. I lifted up to look at her and she was asleep. I rolled to my side and just laid there looking at her. This insanely gorgeous woman who was now in my bed. And I’m thinking, boy, Mom in my bed. This is a sight I’d like to see a whole lot more of.
He continued to write about that night in another entry, which also talked about the following morning.
In this entry, he explains how how he told her that he was in love with her.

I looked her right in the eye, I said I was serious, and I told her I was completely, totally, madly in love with her.

She was surprised, as you can probably imagine. Her eyes widened and her mouth came open a little. I think she was waiting to see if I was going to say or do something to show I was kidding. But I didn’t. And from the way I said it and the way I was looking at her, she caught on very quickly that I meant it. In this lilting kind of way she said “Baby…” and put her hand on mine.

Then I just launched into it. I told her everything I’ve ever wanted to tell her about how amazing she is. I told her how incredibly beautiful she is. I was absolutely clear that I wanted to be with her romantically and that she’s the only woman for me.
In this entry, he talks about finding out she'd planned a trip, and how he elaborated to her about his feelings....
I should mention that even though I had already told her I was in love with her and I was very clear about wanting to be together, I never specifically said the words “I want to have sex with you”. And now I was pretty unmistakably telling her that I wanted to have sex with her. So this felt just as big to me as telling her I was in love with her had felt. And it all came completely out of nowhere in just a few seconds, which was insane.

Anyway, she raised her eyebrows. But only a little. She didn’t look overly surprised. The expression on her face was like “Huh. How about that?”

Then she said “You were, huh?” Speaking very straightforward like. Very matter of fact.

I said yes. I was. I hoped for this more than anything I had ever hoped for.

She just nodded. Her face was like “Hmm. Interesting”. Then she said “That would be quite a big step for us to take”.

I remember thinking that was something of an understatement. But I didn’t say anything. I don’t think I even breathed.

Then she said “Can I have some time to think about it?”

And I thought… what? She’ll think about it? Really?! Because “I’ll think about it” isn’t “no”. And not only isn’t it “no”… it might be “yes”!

So I said “Of course!” Think about it! Take all the time you need! Think away! And, again, very matter of factly, she said OK. She would think about it.
And the night before the trip, they were packing...

Then we played “This one or this one?” with the clothes she brought in. Naturally, I picked all the stuff I thought she’d look the hottest in. Although that’s splitting hairs since she looks hot in anything. It only took a couple minutes and then we were done.

Then, very casually, very normally, she was like “Oh, hang on” and she grabbed the blue bag. Then she pulled out two things of lingerie, held ‘em up to me, and said “This one or this one?”

It caught me completely off guard. I was stunned. BTW, just for the sake of thoroughness, one of the things she held up was a lacy bra and panties and garters and one was like a sheer teddy type of thing. Not that I really noticed at the time in the state I was in.

She held them up for several seconds because I wasn’t saying anything. My brain had gone blank. She finally said “Well?” and I went “…both?” More like a question than an answer. She said “OK” and put them back in the bag.

A few seconds passed and then I was like “Um… am I… gonna get… to SEE you in those?”

Just like on my birthday, being all matter of fact, she said something like “Well, I did buy them for this trip.
There more recent entries detailing explicitly what ended up happening, and the blogger indicates that he made his blog (which keeps them anonymous) known to her, so the "payoff" entries were posted with her blessing.

One must wonder how long Tumblr's new corporate owner will allow so much freedom of expression.

Here's my own Tumblr, which I try to keep SFW. Connect with me there!
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