Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Interesting Search Phrase of the Day

Someone came to this blog by searching the phrase consensual incest retreats.

I have no way of knowing, unless they tell me, why they were searching for that. Do they personally need one? Were they curious if any exist and are advertised as such? I don't know.

In a sense, any lodging or camping accommodation in any country or state that does not prohibit, through law or action, consensual incest would be a potential retreat for consensual incest, even if the owner or manager was unaware.

There was a discussion not long ago at the Kindred Spirits forum about having a vacation spot dedicated for such a retreat. The problem is, the purpose of such a destination would become known and those travellng to the destination would be outed, and that, unfortunately, would subject them to persecution and harassment. Discretion can help, but it only goes so far.

For those in consanguinamorous relationships, taking a vacation (or “holiday” for my many UK readers) to somewhere they are not known as genetic relatives or family members can be a liberating retreat where they can have romantic dinners out and walks in public, share kisses, and look at each other with affection and desire and not raise suspicions, or get bullied.

It can be a taste of what permanent move for protection and quality of life can provide.

There are retreats, usually held as events rather than as permanent year-round resort operations, where the focus is on sexual freedom for adults and enhancing relationships, especially open relationships or polyamorous relationships. One will tend to find much less hostility towards consanguinamory at such events, but all it takes is one person to have a negative reaction and things can get very difficult.

Consanguineous lovers need vacations. Anywhere they’ll be unknown as relatives is good, but the best option is to go to places where, in the event they were outed as consanguinamorous, their love would not be a crime.

Consenting adults should not have the hide their love for each other. Let's keep evolving until all adults have the right to be with the person or persons they love.

It would be great if someone who has property in a US state such as New Jersey or Rhode Island, or a country friendly to consanguinamory, would put out the welcome mat for Friends of Lily, and offer as much privacy as possible.
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