Monday, October 7, 2013

A Manga With Sibling Consanguinamory

A friend of FME has shared with me a manga that might be of interest to anyone interested in consanguinamory, which is a popular theme in manga. If you are interested, keep reading...

The manga is called "True Love" by Sugiyama Miwako.

"Once upon a time, there was a loving older brother (Yuzuru) and a loving younger sister (Ai), who were best friends and completely inseparable... that is until their parents argue to the point of divorce. The dad takes Yuzuru with him overseas, leaving the traumatized Ai with the mother in Japan. As years went by, the two characters eventually move on with their lives, learn to look out for themselves and do well in school, but they still miss each other terribly.

Nine years have passed and Yuzuru misses Ai so much that he convinces his father that he wants to go to school back in Japan. Yuzuru and Ai later meet each other again and, for the first 5 chapters, make up for lost time. They talk, they text, they support each other during tough times, just like good friends. The situation gets even better, when the mother and the father and the mother decide to get back together again.

Everyone is reunited and everyone is happy...that is until the end of chapter 5, when Ai and Yuzuru accidentally do something that shows they have incestuous feelings for each other. They treat it like an accident that meant nothing and move on. Still, both siblings secretly admit they have romantic feelings for their sibling and try painfully hard to hold them back. Things get even worse, when Ai's new friend tells Ai that she is in love with Yuzuru and when Yuzuru's super hot friend wants to ask Ai out."

That's the story so far.

Other info: The manga can be viewed for free at

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  1. Interesting, I didn't know about that one.

    I do know a few other ones though.

    Yosuga no Sora. It deals with twins. The anime and manga are different with the anime having different arcs for other girls that take place in their own timelines. But the main timeline deals with Haruka and Sora, twins. It's got a sort of GSA thing going on, though it never really calls it that with Sora staying in a hospital much of her childhood. The manga just deals with the twins, though Haruka helps the other girls at different points ala clannad. It's also more positive about their relationship than the manga as well as being clean compared to the anime, which is almost hentai (litterally means pervert, but in the usual case means animated porn).

  2. Another one is called Koi Kaze. It's more obviously about GSA as it deals with siblings that were separated when their parents divorced. It's very serious about the subject and realistic in how it affects both of the siblings. Unfortunately, consanguinuity isn't the only taboo aspect. They're also 12 years apart in age 15 and 27.

    As I said, It's realistic in it's portrayal. Koshiro the protagonist is struggles with his attraction to Nanako, his sister. He tries to push her away out of fear he may act on his feelings and even moves away to avoid her. But she falls for him too and follows him.

    Spoiler: The two consider commiting a lovers suicide and the ending didn't really say if they did or not.

    1. Koi Kaze doesn't include sex with a 15 year old.
      Actually if I remember correctly (and I read if very recently) she's 16 in the beginning. Either way, by the end she's nearing her last year of high school in Japan (which doesn't work annum-wise the way it works here: it starts later and is 3 years long, and ends a bit later).and is thus at the youngest 17, but given that at the end her brother's turning 30, she's probably 18. That's just in case anyone's concerned about her being too young during sex, you shouldn't worry.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention that the age gap itself wasn't the cause of taboo, but Nanako's age along with the gap.

    Anyway, I have a list of some anime and manga I know about that deal with the subject here

    Sadly, I haven't encountered much manga that deal with consanguinamory. Some "deal" with it, but somewhere along the way they cop out and say the two aren't really related. Not all that say they aren't related, such as ones where the main charwcter gets a step sibling. I can understand feelings may develop for a legal, but non-blood, family member. But I feel cheated when I am led to believe the two are related, but to make it seem alright, they become not really related at the end.

  4. I'd like to add the anime/novel series My Little Sister can't Be this Cute! to the pile of recommendations. It starts as a very cute comedy about an older brother trying to reconnect with his little sister and help her make friends with people who share her anime-related hobbies, but during the second season begins to deal with the nature of the siblings relationship and eventually goes straight into dealing with their romantic feelings for each other by the end.


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