Thursday, October 17, 2013

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An adult man had consensual sex with an adult woman. That shouldn't be a crime, but he was arrested and criminally charged anyway.

An adult woman sexually assaulted a toddler and self (apparently) documented her crime on video. She was criminally charged for her crimes, as she should be.

These things have happened in Wisconsin. But it would be nice to have some clarity and prioritizing in the reports.

Here's a report by Ashley Luthern at with the headline "Oak Creek Woman, Rancine Man Charged in Incest Case"....
The brother of an Oak Creek woman accused of filming her sexual assaults of a young relative was charged Tuesday with incest.
The way that's written, it appears ambiguous as to whether the "accused" refers to the woman or the brother, as in... was the brother accused of filming her, or was she accused of filming herself? Proximity implies the latter. Based on the rest of the story and another report, it doesn't seem like the brother was involved in the abuse of the toddler at all. He is being criminally charged for consensual sex with the woman.
Justin S. Surber, 33, of Racine admitted to police that he had a consensual sexual relationship with his sister, Jessica Bell, from 2012 until May or June 2013, according to a criminal complaint.

Bell, 24, was adopted and didn't find Surber, her biological brother, until last year.

So this sounds like it could be Genetic Sexual Attraction.

Bell also recently was charged in Racine County Circuit Court with two counts of incest, two counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 12 and other felonies.
That's a real crime.

The alleged abuse was discovered when Bell's boyfriend became suspicious of Bell's relationship with Surber.

The boyfriend looked at Bell's computer and found videos of Bell forcing the relative, a toddler, to perform sex acts and use sex toys, the complaint stated.
If would be bad enough to find that your girlfriend is cheating on you, but to find out your girlfriend was sexually assaulting toddlers? How horrible.

Here's what was reported at, headline with "Racine Man Charged With Incest"...

On October 5, 2013, at approximately 5:48, the Oak Creek Police Department was dispatched to the 500 block of West Puetz Road, to investigate a report that the caller found a video on a computer of Jessica Bell engaged in sexual acts with a toddler. As a result of this investigation, Investigators of the City of Racine Police Department interviewed Jessica Bell. During her interview, Bell stated that she met the suspect in early 2012 after she located her biological family on Face Book. 

This is where it gets into self-incrimination (I mean, in addition to the video...)
Bell stated that her sexual relationship with the suspect began in November of 2012. Bell stated that they had sexual relations three times beginning in November of 2012 until approximately June of 2013.

The suspect was also interviewed by Investigators with the Racine Police Department. According to the criminal complaint the suspect stated that he did have a consensual sexual relationship with his sister, Jessica Bell, and that the relationship was not forced, and he does not remember when the first sexual contact occurred between him and Bell but just stated it “kind of happened”. The suspect told police that they did have sexual intercourse with on more than one occasion and that he believes that they stopped having sexual intercourse sometime in the end of May or early June of 2013. 
Nobody should be charged for consensual adult sex. Anyone involved or complicit in the sexual assault of the toddler should be locked up in a bad place for a long time. If Surber was not involved in the abuse of the toddler, he shouldn't be criminally prosecuted. If Bell is guilty of abusing the child, she should be prosecuted to the full extend of laws dealing with such abuse of children, and not prosecuted for any consensual sex with an adult.

Anyone can experience Genetic Sexual Attraction. That includes great citizens who wouldn't hurt a fly and toxic, abusive people who prey on children.
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