Thursday, October 3, 2013

From a Friend of Lily

And now for something a little different. This blog has never published poetry before, but here's something penned by a friend of FME who is a charter Friend of Lily. It is about her relationship with her brother. She and her love thought the same thing I did... that it would be great for this blog. So here it is...

Our Secret Love

I had this wonderful love for the taking, 
I tried to ignore it, 
but my heart was breaking.

After 38 years he came into my life, 
He was everything I wanted, Caring, Loving, 
he was my knight in shining armour, 
but there was just one thing, 
If we went on this journey, 
Society would think it was a sin.

We made that leap 
as we couldn’t live without each other, 
Our love is pure, 
it’s totally amazing, 
Our souls are joined together, 
our love will last forever.

His touch is electrifying, 
His kiss sends shivers, 
He looks in my eyes, 
he can see my soul, 
After all these years, 
he’s filled my heart that had a hole. 
For such a powerful love, so intense, 
that causes Goosebumps and seeps in our pores 
This love is not for everyone 
so we have to hide it behind closed doors.

It’s because the ignorance of some people, 
and the society we fear, 
Our love has to be hidden, 
and for these people I shed a silent tear, 
To be so closed minded and the nasty names you use, 
so our love for each other you totally refuse.

 Open your eyes, 
feel in your heart, 
are we really hurting you? 
Yet you still want us apart.

GSA is the word we’ve been given, 
No, it doesn’t mean we are weirdo’s perverts or freaks 
and were not asking to be forgiven.
For we have done nothing wrong, 
just because our love is so strong.

We was torn apart 
when we was very young 
by our Mother,
my secret love, 
reunited again, 
my brother.

Standing outside, 
I fear you all, 
we cannot show our true love out there, 
because the world can be so cruel.
No we are not ashamed, 
but because of society, outside we are tamed.
He takes my hand 
and we close our door,
We smile to each other 
because within these walls 
we can be true lovers.

I love him with all my heart and soul, 
and with everything I have, 
For our reunion every day 
I thank the lord above,

We will always have our secret love…
— — —

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