Monday, October 28, 2013

False Alarm of the Day

Someone reading over my entry answering why consensual incest (consanguinamory) remains illegal in some place was apparently startled by this comment...
I have also been in an incestious relationship with my younger sister. ( only three years) and I also don't feel it is wrong enough to be criminalized, but her family has drove us apart ( half siblings). I'm glad there are others that think the same way I do, but I doubt I'll ever get my sister back unless things change quickly. I appreciate what you have done with this post and I hope that in time things will change for later generations so that they don't have to live in my pain. Thank you again for this article. It has given me more respect and hope for the human race.
Here is the submitted response to that comment...

u had a relationsihp with a 3yr old????!!!!11 OMG im not sure if i should report this 2 the police or not. thats absolutely PIG DISGUSTING!1
I guess some people are prone to think of child abuse when they hear the word "incestuous," (which is why I prefer the terms "consanguinamory" or "consanguineous sex") but that's not the way I read it all. I read it as that their relationship has/had only been three years long so far. Or, perhaps, that she is three years younger than the person who left the comment. I did not see the meaning someone else was so quick to find, that of abusing a three-year-old. Family does not "drive apart" a three-year-old and an abuser, as a three-year-old has little choice in the matter. Rather, family would keep an abuser away and inform the police. So I do not think that comment could possibly be about a person who is three years old.

I have made it very clear that this blog is about consenting adults, not about adults preying on children and that I am completely against child abuse.

Fight abuse. Support love.
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  1. As I read it, the original commentor is clearly saying that their sister is only three years younger than he/she is. Clearly they are not saying that they had a relationship with a three year old.

    Based on the grammar and tone of the reply, I would guess that the author is either just trolling for attention, or is just simply not yet mature enough to fully grasp the material presented in this blog.

    To the original commentor, I would say this: Things have a way of happening for a reason. Stay positive and be strong, and if your relationship is meant to be, it will find a way.


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