Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Polly Signs Off, For Now

As I previously reported, Polly decided to pull the plug on her excellent blog giving insight into life in the kind of polyamorous family you might have next door in a quiet suburb; the kind of family you might find behind a white picket fence, playing on their lawn.

She has just put up her last message at the current blog.
...I am still the wife of two loving men, the mother of four wonderful children, and we are living our lives openly and happily. We are still here.

She goes on...
I can attest that families with more than one partner can work, and they can work well. Our children are thriving with the additional support and attention that comes with having more than two parents who care for them. Their grades are good, they are healthy, and they laugh a lot. The adults in the family appreciate the support we provide for each other as well, both in our careers and our home lives. We enjoy a greater level of financial stability than many other large families, we have many hands to assist with household tasks, and we rely on each other emotionally and intellectually as spouses.

We are "out" at work, at church, and in our personal lives. This has been difficult at times, but ultimately worth it. Being ourselves has been freeing and much more healthy than being closeted.

She goes on to give some warnings and advice, and lists some of their victories.

I'm looking forward to her book.
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