Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why To Try or Not Try Polyamory

Coleen gives six reasons to try polyamory, and three reasons NOT to try it.

Among the reasons to try it…

1. You could find an incredibly supportive community.


4. You question the wisdom of “traditional” coupledom.

Some people just aren’t monogamous, but can have meaningful relationships. Cheating can be a horrible way to go. Polyamory is the ethical way.

5. You’re bisexual.
This is a controversial one. Some people categorically dismiss bisexuals as incapable of fidelity, or indecisive wafflers who are too afraid to admit what they really want in a partner. Maybe you are truly attracted to both men and women. Maybe your sexuality doesn’t fit into a sterile little label.

Some bisexuals can be monogamous for a long term relationship. But others need polyamory. Just like there are heterosexuals, gays, and lesbians who need polyamory.

Don’t try polyamory if…

1. You think it will fix your infidelity problems.
Surprise! Cheating exists within polyamorous relationships, too.


2. Your partner is pressuring you.

There’s a difference between needing encouragement to try something different, and being pressured to go against your needs. This always works in reverse, as well; someone who needs polyamory should not pledge lifelong monogamy under pressure from a partner.

Go read it all.
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