Wednesday, November 16, 2011

With Friends Like Her…

All kinds of interesting stuff can be found on Yahoo Answers once you get past the trolls. I found one recent questioner to be quite disturbed Someone calling herself “Anna Feagan” wrote this

How do I report Incest???!?
Hello, I live in the state of Oregon and I have a friend age 20, Female. And she lives with her dad, about 20 minutes away from me and They both told be they have sex all the time for the last 3 years, and they love it..

I wonder why they would tell Anna that?

He is her Biological Father. I personaly feel disgusted and it's wrong!

We’re not all going to want each other’s sex lives.

I want to report this, But who do I contact? Is it as simple as calling 911? or the police station? What do I do?? Please let me know what you know. thank you so much!

Why call the police and report that two adults are having sex with each other in their own home?

I wrote…

They are both adults[*see below]. So what if you're disgusted? I know lesbians who are disgusted by the thought of any man having sex with any woman. Should they call the police, too? Your friend can consent to join the military, operate heavy machinery, sign contracts, buy property, vote, and have sex with a complete stranger. Why shouldn't she be free to have sex with someone she loves? How about you mind your own business? There are probably things about your love life other people don't like. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults. Don't waste the time of law enforcement.

Kenneth C wrote…

Incest is technically illegal and I would call the local police station directly.

But he goes on to conclude with…

Unless your friend is having sex with her father against her will, leave it alone and mind your business.

Couman got it right…

Why do you want to get your "friend" arrested? Not much of a friend, are you?

aeriol7 was clueless…

Be afraid more for you friend Anna. This has to stop.

She chose whitehorsequest as giving the best answer…

I am not sure what the police can do either. I agree this has to stop but without proof.....what can be done.

Anna then restated her opinion of her friend’s relationship…

And to everuone else, Incest in my oppinion is perverted, harmful and dicusting. I didn't ask for ur oppinion, I asked for help.

How sad that someone would feel such an obsessive need to intrude into someone else’s happiness.

Reading between the lines, especially with “She lives with her dad” and “He is her Biological Father,” my guess is that this could have been a Genetic Sexual Attraction situation with the daughter being reunited with her father a few years ago. Anna has not indicated that she otherwise noticed a problem with her friend, or a negative change in her friend. *If all of Anna’s facts are right, then it does appear that the sex started before her friend was of the age of consent in Oregon. The focus of this blog is consenting adults; I do not focus on whether or not the age of consent should be changed or made consistent from state to state. However, it appears from Anna’s own report that her friend is happy, and since she is 20, Ann should let her friend be.

I would like to believe Anna is a troll. But even if she is, how many Annas are there out there, willing to hurt others who aren’t hurting anyone? This is why people in consanguinamorous relationships have to be very careful about the people they keep in their lives and what they reveal to people.
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