Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Get Letters

This blog welcomes comments, even anonymous ones, on all of our entries and most pages.

Most of the comments are positive and supportive.

Sometimes, though, we get comments like this one from stacy, left in response to this entry...

obviously your inbred!!what a sicko you are to say 2 people that are related should be able to have sex!!your a sick twisted individual!!obviously its not right or the kids wouldnt come out retarded with 12 fingers and 3 feet!!shame on your inbred ass

Here's what I wrote in the comments feature in response...

Thank you for expressing your ignorant and bigoted opinion, stacy. I'm not inbred any more than the average person (we all are, somewhat) and what's more, I know how to type capital letters and I know the difference between "your" and "you're."

By the way, most children born to consanguinamorous parents are healthy. Also, most sex does not result in the birth of a child to begin with.

Always feel free to express your opinions here. By doing so, you will show that those who oppose full marriage equality are prejudiced.

Notice that stacy did not give a real reason why close relatives should be denied their sexual rights, but only made an attempt to explain why they should, according to stacy, be denied their reproductive rights.

Keep the comments coming, everyone. I like to get feedback.
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  1. You're soooo right ^^

  2. That sort of thing is to be expected from the ignorant and thoughtless people out there. However, I'm glad that most of the people who comment are supportive. To those who are not supportive, try reading everything here, and feel free to talk with me about things. Maybe you will learn something.


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