Monday, February 6, 2012

Break the Condemnation Cycle

From comes this essay on Genetic Sexual Attraction

Because of the social, moral, and legal taboos on incestuous relationships in the United States and many other countries throughout the world, those affected by GSA can become quite distressed as they sort through their feelings and attraction and their core beliefs and values. Many people who experience GSA know that being sexually attracted to a family member isn't acceptable, but they know that their feelings are strong.

Isn’t acceptable to some, which is ridiculous. Feelings are there, whether someone “accepts” them or not.

As a result of these strong feelings, many people decide to break off contact completely. It is their way of protecting themselves and stopping themselves from going too far.

What they think would be too far, often based on the prejudices of others.

There are two main fears when it comes to experiencing genetic sexual attraction. The first is a fear of discovery. You may feel ashamed or embarrassed for the feelings you're having.

Because people have been erroneously taught they should be ashamed or embarrassed.

The second fear is of being separated.

Well, yeah! Most people fear being separated from their loved ones.

The first way to deal with GSA is to confront the issue and realize that what you're feeling isn't abnormal; it happens to a lot of people affected by adoption.


You may not be able to overcome GSA on your own.

There may not be a reason to “overcome” it, if the feelings are mutual and acting on them would not violate existing vows to others.

If not, consider joining a support group for GSA.

There aren’t many of those around, and unfortunately, one must be wary that “support” will actually end up being “do things my way or you are wrong.”

Remember that having GSA doesn't mean you can't have a relationship with your family.

It could mean having the best relationship you’ll ever have.

So much sex-negativity. There are people who have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, a loving (in every sense of the word) relationship initiated or heightened through Genetic Sexual Attraction. They exist, and they should be free to live together and marry, if they want, without being attacked by anyone, especially not those who have also experienced GSA.

Break the cycle of condemning the normal feelings and sexuality of others, and justifying that condemnation by noting the negative emotions experienced  by the people being condemned. It's like noting suicide by gay teens as a reason to condemn being gay, which leads to more suicides. Stop it already!!!
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  1. I think people involved in GSA have the right to do what THEY think is RIGHT FOR THEM.
    I don't condemn GSA consanguinamory at all, so they have my support.

  2. Once again, I want to say I agree with you 100%. Those people who are feeling strong GSA should be allowed to enjoy their relationship if they choose. The feelings of GSA can be tough enough without the added feelings of guilt laid on top of those who want to pursue a true and loving relationship with their family member.


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