Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New and Interactive Work of Fiction on Polyamory

Lauren Soldano at shares about journalist Laird Harrison and his interesting new work of fiction, Fallen Lake.

But the book — which tells the story of two couples who decide to pursue their love for each other through a group marriage — isn’t neatly contained on the printed page. Readers can interact with present-day versions of the characters in real time through a blog on "Fallen Lake’s" website.

Great idea.

"Fallen Lake" is based on years of research and interviews with polyamorous couples and their families, as well online forum and book-based research. In fact, although the book is fiction, Harrison’s own parents lived for two years as part of a group marriage household.

Published on Valentine’s Day by Verdant Books, a small Vermont-based publishing house, "Fallen Lake" originally contained two narratives — one taking place in modern day and another in the 1970s. While the printed novel tells the historical story, the blog (which launched on the same day as the book’s release) will gradually unfold the present-day narrative, which can be altered by comments from readers.
I like the concept, and I like the subject matter. It would be good to see more fiction on polyamory and group marriage by good writers, and more notice of the topics in the news.
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