Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy News

It has been several months, but an update has been issued about the pregnancy I last mentioned here. A healthy, beautiful baby boy was recently born to Pau and her husband. They are half-siblings in a consanguinamorous relationship initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction.

He was not planned and I freaked out when I found out but we did genetic testings and were honest with the drs and they assured us everything should be fine.
It is frightening to me that anyone would try to break up this family or deny them marriage. Despite the myths so prevalent out there that they are even believed by some people in consanguinamorous relationships, close relatives can and do have healthy, beautiful children. This is another example of why we need full marriage equality sooner rather than later.

Congrats to the happy parents!
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  1. I love good news
    I'm a 16 years old GSA supporter from Italy and stories like this makes me glad to know that my thoughts are not science-fiction
    I've just read a thread on GSA Forums and I can only say that I'm sorry for Osiris and Isis :(
    I wish all the best for every people involved in GSA relationship
    -Cornelius (not my real name)

  2. Absolutlely wonderful! I love children and I really love when an incest couple shows that they can and do have normal children like anyone else. I am very happy for this couple and hope they have a long and happy life together and that they have as many children as they want.


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